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A Tumblr dedicated to Jeremy Brett, a generation's Sherlock Holmes, and the unparalleled television series adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic stories.

Granada's Sherlock Holmes television series is © to Granada Television and MPI Home Entertainment. All images, graphics, and other content that appear on this Tumblr are not my personal property. No copyright infringement is intended. My only wish in creating this page is to share this beloved series with fellow fans and those just discovering it for the first time.

Thank you and enjoy.
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~ Saturday, May 17 ~

If anyone is interested in becoming a co-admin or moderator to this blog, please message me here or at my personal blog. My offline duties are piling up and it isn’t fair to you guys that this blog become neglected and stagnant. Thank you.

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May 17th, join and share the Granada Love

#Granada Marathon

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Granada Holmes RewatchThe Solitary Cyclist

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Granada Holmes RewatchThe Naval Treaty

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